About Us

The Albanian Policy Center (APC) is an Albanian Think Tank founded in December 2013 in Tirana and based in Tirana, whose focus and mission is to formulate and promote right wing policies that are based on individual freedom, rule of law, free entrepreneurship, market economy “laissez fair”, low taxes, reforms and transparency, small government, national security and national interest.

The Albanian Policy Center is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organisation that is dedicated in preparing policy analysis, policies and opinions, as well as participates and implements projects on different areas of politics, foreign policy, economy and state reform on Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and the rest of the Western Balkans.

The work of the Albanian Policy Center is based on five pillars:

1. Governance, policies, rule of law and reforms;
2.    Security and the EU Integration;
3.    Economy and Free Entrepreneurship;
4.    Foreign Policy and Energy;
5.    National Interest.

The Albanian Policy Center is founded by a group of Albanian professionals, academics and diplomats who make up the executive board and is counselled by an Advisory Council composed by a group of international and Albanian notable dignitaries, politicians, diplomats and academics who have been dealing with Albanian politics, culture and economy at different stages of their lifetime and have earned appreciation and expertise in the subject matter. The Advisory Council gathers once a year and prepares guidelines on the work and programmes of the think tank. The members of the Advisory Council participate in different events and conferences of the Albanian Policy Center and have honorary status in all its activities. The organisation of the Advisory Council will be prepared and distributed separately.

The Executive Board is made of five or more professionals who are directly involved with the implementation of the programmes and projects of the Think Tank. The Executive Board is composed of 5 (five) or more Albanian professionals who have the expertise in the five areas/pillars of the Think Tank and are committed to its everyday work and engagements for the goals set in the status of the Think Tank.

The Albanian Policy Center has also founded an Albanian Excellence Associate Council, a group made of Albanian young professionals around the world, who have graduated a postgraduate degree/ doctoral/ post-doctoral degree, or are about to graduate so, internationally renowned Universities around the world or are distinguished Albanian professionals in their field of expertise in the developed world and international organisations.